Marijuana cultivators are finding new ways to manage labor to meet the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Others have avoided furloughing the cultivation crew or reducing hours by shifting work schedules. Growers report they have altered protocol for employees to keep them safe and to maintain workflow. A few of those adjustments include: S ... How cannabis growers are handling labor and safety challenges during COVID-19

An academic study found that the cannabis vaping health crisis of 2019 was more pronounced in states that lacked legal recreational marijuana stores, pointing to the illicit market as the culprit and helping to further bolster consumer confidence in products from the licensed market. The findings strengthen the perception that state-legal marij ... Vaping illnesses less common in states with adult-use marijuana, study shows

As a result of the recommendations of various state and federal agencies, cannabis operators across the United States are taking proactive measures to assure patients, customers, regulators and other constituents that they are taking appropriate steps to ensure, preserve and promote public health. The following is a nonexhaustive list of steps that ... Physical-distancing guide for marijuana businesses

March 10, 2020

A step-by-step guide to growing weed

Many people growing marijuana in their home gardens for fun and for its herbal and medical attributes in curing, relieving pain/stress and stimulating.  How to grow weed , you may ask? Having a successful mini crop in your home garden may not require any previous experience if you follow the basic steps given below: 1. Obtaining Seeds: Seeds may …

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