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About diamond Og

Diamond OG  is the prized result of nearly two decades of research and breeding by CoGro Farms. Their experienced team of geneticists and botanists crossbred AK-47, Chemdawg and White Widow to create this beautiful, hybrid strain. Purchase Diamond Og online.

Laboratory tests show that this potent hybrid has roughly 23% THC content. Don’t underestimate the healing effects of this heavy-hitting strain. Therapeutically, the effects of this strain are most potent when used for the treatment of physical ailments. Those seeking help dealing with inflammation and joint pain should look no further.  Diamond induces users’ minds into a dream-like state of sheer relaxation. It’s great for dealing with depression, anxiety, and insomnia as well. This strain is mostly recommended as a night-time smoke due to it’s relaxing, sedative effects. But don’t worry, seasoned tokers should be able to handle this buzz during the day as well.

Due to its Indica lineage, the aroma of the buds is characterized by main notes of woodiness and earthiness, with fuel-like or gassy undertones. Upon smoking this strain, one will notice the spicy, yet smooth minty flavor on the inhale, and slight tones of a berry-like sweetness. What makes this strain stand out the most is the impressive amount of trichomes or THC covering the buds – white crystals blanket the plant, hiding plentiful vibrant purple leaves. Buy diamond og online

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