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About Enoki mushroom

The Enoki is the cultivated version of the Velvet Shank mushroom (Flammulina velutipes). It is grown in the dark, with additional CO2. This keeps it pure white.Buy morels mushroom online


Characteristic of the Enoki is its long, thin stems. Furthermore, the wild version (the Velvet Shank) bears a closer resemblance to a normal mushroom than to an Enoki. The Enoki is cultivated and sold in small clusters. At first glance, they kind of look like bean sprouts, but they have way more flavor. Furthermore, They’re common in Asian cooking and are available fresh and canned. Because they’re crisp, they hold up well in soups and go nicely in salads and are delicious.Buy golden teacher online

Storage and shelf life:

The Enoki usually only keeps for a short time in the refrigerator – a few days at most, even in a non-shrink-wrapped pack. Furthermore, leave the Enoki mushrooms in their packaging until you need them to prevent them from drying out.

There will often be a little of the growing medium attached to the base of the cluster. Enoki keeps for longer when left attached to the growing medium.


Rinse before using and pour boiling water over them.

How to cook enoki mushroom

As a complement to almost any salad, enokis will add crispness and a subtle radish flavor similar to nasturtium leaves and flowers. Eaten raw, they will leave a hint of pepper on your tongue. Toss some into soup during the last few minutes of simmering, or drop them into a stir-fried vegetable or meat dishes just before serving.

Fresh, crisp enokis refrigerated in their original package will keep well for about a week.

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