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About Porcini mushrooms

General description:

Due to their strong nutty flavor, this is an incredibly popular gourmet mushroom.
Like so many other good edible mushrooms, porcini are mycorrhizal. This means that the underground vegetative growth of the mushroom, called the mycelia, enters into a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants. Why would you care as a chef? It means that because of this complex relationship that occurs in nature, porcini aren’t easily cultivated. So depending on where you live they could be hard to find fresh and more expensive to purchase. buy-porcini-online

Can’t afford a trip to Italy? No problem! This page will provide you with information about porcini mushrooms, the king bolete. We’ll start with some basic facts, move on to what to look for when purchasing, and end with how to prepare. I’ve also thrown in a simple recipe to get you started. Bon Appétit! Buy Magic Mushroom

Basic Facts:

-The name porcini means “piglets” in Italian. They’re also known as the king bolete, cèpe (in French), Steinpilz (the “stone mushroom” in German), and a host of other fun games from all over the world.  Furthermore, the Latin name is Boletus edulis.
-The term “porcini mushroom” actually refers to a few different species. The most sought after is Boletus edulis or the king bolete. This is the mushroom people refer to when they say porcini.Buy oysters mushroon
-Porcini mushrooms may grow a rather large cap, up to 12 inches in diameter. It’s usually brown or reddish-brown with a slightly sticky texture.
-The underside of the cap is made up of a spongy material. Look closely; you’ll see the tiny tubes from which spores are released. Species of the bolete genus have tubes instead of gills for spore dispersal. The spore print is a dark green-brown. buy chanterelles mushroom

More info about Porcini mushroom:

Their shape resembles a champagne cork, with a fat stem and a broad cap. Furthermore, they are brownish with white flesh (which stays white even when cooked).Buy Ayahuasca


It  It’s slightly nutty and creamy and has an aroma that has been likened to sourdough. Light brown, porcinis can range from one inch to 10 inches across.  Furthermore, they’re sold fresh, dried and canned. If you’re using dried porcinis, soak them in hot water for at least 15 minutes before cooking with them.Buy shiitake mushroom

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