Magic Mushroom spore syringe

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Who doesn’t know the B magic mushroom? This all-round cubensis is one of the strongest “survivors” on the market. Because the “B’ is so resilient, it can even grow well in colder temperatures and can easily be spawned outside. B can grow mushrooms as long as your underarm. “B” is so efficient that it only stops fruiting when there are close to zero nutrients around and the mycelium can no longer be supported. When you are new to mycology, this strain is a very good one to start off with.


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How to use the B spore syringe

The B spore solution is held inside the syringe by a Luer lock stopper on the end where the needle goes. With this Luer lock stopper attached makes it easier to transport and to store the Psilocybe cubensis.

Make sure to work as hygienic as possible. Wear a face mask and sterile gloves and/or disinfect your hands. Hold the B Psilocybe cubensis in front of you with the Luer lock stopper pointing upwards. Remove the Luer lock stopper by screwing it counter-clockwise. Take the needle out of the sterile package and screw it on the Psilocybe cubensis. Shake the spore syringe vigorously for ten seconds before you remove the protective cap from the needle.

To proceed from here, there are several methods to choose from:

Dropping the spore solution onto the substrate

After having prepared your own substrate or cakes you can drop the B spore solution directly from the syringe onto these. Press the plunger slowly so that drops of spore solution will come out of the needle. Every drop that will be in contact with the substrate will be a potential mycelium growth point, so spread out these drops all over the substrate to evenly colonize the substrate with mycelium.

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